Syndicated Solutions Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Congratulations to Syndicated Solutions Inc. who is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month. SSI programming includes The Rick & Bubba Show, Peter Greenberg Worldwide, The Chuck Woolery Show, The Allen Hunt Show, and more. SSI President Bob Carey said on the company’s 10th, “We’ve certainly evolved since SSI’s inception back in 1999, but at our foundation we’re comprised of truly outstanding people who function very well as a team and are passionate about radio.”  “We clearly understand that we’re not an ABC Radio, Premiere Radio, or Westwood One, but that’s never been our ambition, as we’re much more of a specialty operator who works hard to outpace the remaining competition and distance ourselves from the ‘noise’ so prevalent in the marketplace. Over 10 years we’ve built a very substantive radio operation that includes a strong affiliate sales unit, a versatile and successful ad sales division, plus a network distribution platform that’s grown significantly over the years. We’ve assembled excellent talent, and SSI’s core radio programs are some of the best in the business.”

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