Randi Speaks!

Nancy Skinner is still filling in for the missing Nova M syndicated talk goddess Randi Rhodes. In the meantime, late Friday Nova M co-owner Anita Drobny released a message attempting to explain Rhodes’ absence. In the message, Drobny said, “To all of Randi’s listeners; You are all correct – I have not had the option to disclose what has been happening between Randi and Nova M… You see, it’s in her contract that she has total control, but, after Wednesday night, I want you all to know that Nova M has done everything we can to get her back on the air. All this is her choice; if she wants to tell you all what the issue is, then I hope she does, but I can’t according to her contract rules. But I can tell you this I have wanted her back on the air. She’s an amazing talent and needs to be heard. Thank you all for all of your support. Randi now has to make her decisions as to what she must do with her career”. But the soap opera continues…John Scott (Program Director of Rhodes affiliate KKGN Green 960 Oakland CA) has posted a letter on the station blog allegedly from Randi herself disputing the Nova M statement. Whatever the details of this standoff are, we’ll probably see in the end that this is a case of a troubled talent who feels that neither her platform or her paycheck is big enough.

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