Van Pelt Benched For A Day

It’s getting very chilly when you say what ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt said about MLB Commissioner Bud Selig the other day on his radio show and end up suspended for a day. In a case of some obvious stepping on of corporate toes, Van Pelt talked, (and in my opinion it was just that, not a rant and didn’t sound very mean spirited-listen here) about Selig’s salary, his stature among other major sports commissioners¬† and a few other things. He did use the word “Pimp” in his commentary and was a little personal in his comments, but we hear worse on national radio more than a few times a day. ESPN with huge MLB contracts in place saw fit to put Van Pelt on the sidelines for a day and Scott even called the commish to apologize. I guess in this economic climate when comes to free speech versus job security, one doth not protest too much.

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