ESPN Looks At The State of Sports

ESPN Radio is calling next week  “State of Sports Week,” with every show taking a look at different aspects of sports in 2009,  each day being devoted to a specific subject. Monday’s theme is how the economy is affecting the fan and athlete; Tuesday will be a “Celebration of Sports,” looking at the good things about sports; Wednesday’s shows will look at “Athletes and Lifestyle,” the off-field events in which athletes get involved; Thursday is about “Fans and Media,” including fantasy sports and blogging; and the week will wrap up Friday with each show looking at a specific sports.  Jason  Smith covering hockey, Mike and Mike looking at the NFL, Tirico and Van Pelt on the NBA, Scott Van Pelt doing a  solo hour on golf, Doug Gottlieb on college sports and NASCAR, Brian Kenny on Major League Baseball, and Colin Cowherd reporting from the NBA All Star game.

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