McMahon’s Problem with Ryan Seacrest

Tom Taylor’s Taylor on Radio-Info column tipped us off to a blog piece by consultant Bill McMahon that points to Premieres roll-out of Ryan Seacrest as a snapshot of what has gone wrong with radio. McMahon’s post speaks less to the fact that the show is syndicated and more to the mindlessness and vapidity of the content. In his words, “it’s nothing special, lowest common denominator stuff” that is typical of music radio. On that point I couldn’t agree with him more, but on another I’m a little more conflicted. He also talks about the homogenization of radio at a point in time where the world is less and less homogenized. The same music, formats, imaging all over. But isn’t all of this the same as the so called “shared experience that radio used to provide” that we over a certain age reminisce about. McMahon’s comments are some good food for thought. To read the blog post click here and don’t forget to comment.

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