Kings Real Dream

Had he lived Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have celebrated his 80th birthday last week. For months we have been discussing how the election and tomorrow’s inauguration of Mr. Obama will be the culmination of Dr. Kings dream. But do most of us really know what that dream was? Many, as David Graupner of TM Studios stated in a recent memo to his staff, have never heard the entire speech. As a matter of fact, I just heard Whoopi Goldberg throw out quotes from the “Mountaintop” speech made in Memphis in 1968, confusing it with the ” Dream” speech made in Washington in 1963. The vision Dr. King had and what is about to happen tomorrow in D.C. are too important not to view in context and with complete clarity. I echo what Graupner said to his staff in that memo, please take about eighteen minutes to listen to the entire speech here. And understand this is not the culmination of the dream…just the beginning.

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