Obama Radio Nation Inauguration Celebration

barackThe media ‘s embrace of Barack Obama continues to astound. On Sunday January 18th a panel of nationally syndicated progressive talk hosts will gather at George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium for a three-hour live  national radio broadcast to celebrate the inauguration of Mr. Obama as the nations 44th President. Hosted by veteran radio and TV talker Bill Press, the dais will  include progressive talkers Joe Madison, Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, Ed Schultz, Rev. Al Sharpton and Mario Solis-Marich. Syndicated via Media Syndication Services, Obama Radio Nation 2009 will air on progressive talk outlets nationwide from 4-7pm (ET) and will be carried on  C-Span.

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  • January 14, 2009 at 6:38 pm

    Hi Everyone:

    The bell ringing and other sounds of freedom event will be held across the counrty one hour before President Obama takes the oath of office. The reason for this event is to show President Obama that the average person is supporting the him so that he can work for programs that will benefit us and not only Wall Street. FDR said to one of his advisors that he would implement a new program only if the voters showed their support. We need to let President Obama know that we will show support for programs that help us. This is a positive alternative to the middle finger event. Can this event be announced on the Radio Obama program and this week. The email announcement that is being circulated is:




    Many Americans will participate simultaneously across our country in a “bell ringing” and “resounding out” event (for those of us who do not have bells) on Inauguration Day — Tuesday January 20th. This grassroots event is to honor the inauguration of President Barack H. Obama and to show that we are united in helping Freedom ring and resound out across our country and world.

    Taking part in this event will awaken in us and in our fellow citizens the call to carry out our civic duties and to continue helping President Obama in our efforts to restore America’s hope and greatness in this time of unprecedented challenge.

    In addition to hearing the ringing of bells throughout our country, other resounding out sounds will be heard like the honking of horns, singing and playing of music and other sounds that demonstrate our commitment to strive every day to make our country better and to safeguard our liberties and democratic way of life.

    In Washington D.C. the event starts at 11:00 AM EST — one hour before President Obama takes the oath of office at 12:00 PM EST. This event occurs in the places where we live and work and lasts until the final bell calls us to service.

    For the beginning times in your community for the bell ringing event and the swearing-in ceremony, look below for the time zone that you live in:

    Time Zone Bell Ringing and Resounding Out Swearing-In Ceremony Region
    Hawaii Standard 6:00 AM HST 7:00 AM HST Hawaii
    Alaska Standard 7:00 AM AKST 8:00 AM AKST Alaska
    Pacific Standard 8:00 AM PST 9:00 AM PST Pacific Coast
    Mountain Standard 9:00 AM MST 10:00 AM MST Mountain West
    Central Standard 10:00 AM CST 11:00 AM CST Heartland America
    Eastern Standard 11:00 AM EST 12:00 PM EST Atlantic Coast

    Spread the news of this event today and actively participate in the Inauguration. Invite our families, friends and fellow citizens to join us. Use email. Contact web sites, organizations and media. Tell your neighbor. Also encourage others to help.

    With your help today, concerned people across our country and world will know about this grass roots event and they too will join in. Let Freedom ring and resound out across our country and world on Inauguration Day and the days ahead.

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