Powell Puts Rush In Check

rush Fareed Zakaria’s CNN interview this past weekend with former Secretary of State Colin Powell has stirred some folks up because of his wide open pot shot at Rush Limbaugh. Powell essentially chastised conservative Republicans for listening to Limbaugh and urged them “to stop shouting at the world and the country,” as well as accusing Rush of appealing to “societies lesser instincts”. General Powell speaks with wisdom and moderation, and any right thinking individual would find it hard to argue with his basic premise. But, (and this is difficult for me to do) separate yourself from your political ideology and one also can’t argue Limbaugh’s effectiveness as a talker. One interesting conservative response to Powell’s comments was made by Kevin Williams from the National Review, stating that, “Even democrats would agree that if the Republican party had communicators half as effective as Limbaugh running for office, they would never lose an election”.

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