Audience Growing For Network Radio


That’s according to preliminary numbers from the Arbitron Radar 99 Network Radio Audience Report released today. The Radar Report which measures 58 individual radio networks using PPM and diary respondents,  shows cumulative radio listening up slightly to 234 million in a typical week from the 232 million reported in last years Radar 94 report,  which was the last report to use diary only respondents. Network radio listening is a part of the up trend rising from 206 million in 2007 to 210 million in the current report. This is some needed good news for the medium and a great talking point-that while overall revenues at the local and network level is dropping or stagnant, radio is still reaching more than 92 percent of persons 12+ each week.  And in spite of the encroachment of personal audio players and online only radio stations in the audio space, 90 percent of teens ages 12-17, most used to using new technologies and media, are continuing to use radio each week. The full Radar 99 report will be released December 16th.

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