Phil Boyce To TRN


Former ABC Radio Network chief of News/Talk Programming and long time WABC New York Program Director Phil Boyce has landed at Seattle based Talk Radio Network. Boyce who is good friends with TRN CEO Mark Masters was apparently more at ease with this move versus the much speculated alliance with Sean Hannity. Boyce takes over as President of the TRN syndication unit that includes talkers Michael Savage, ed Laura Ingraham, site Phil Hendrie, Rusty Humphries, Jerry Doyle and Mancow. “We are proud that Phil Boyce has joined our company,” said Masters. “There is nobody in the radio industry that has more experience in programming and harvesting new talent than Phil Boyce.”

2 thoughts on “Phil Boyce To TRN

  • June 12, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    I moved to NYC in 2003. I found Phil’s programming to be a force of cohesion in the Tri-State area. Talk kept me company during work,and the variety of programs on the weekend provided something for everyone. I particulary loved Oldies on Saturday night…It was a fun break from a week of work and serious news.

    Boyce took WABC out of the background and made it a beacon of ideas,information, education and fun! WABC made all the difference for me and my time in NYC.

    The preceding gal who commented, obviously didn’t sample ALL of WABC programing. Too bad, she missed out!

  • January 25, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    Well, Seattle, we have lived under the curse of Boyce for years on WABC, NY. He has methodically got rid of any host giving an opinion other than the fascist far right wing of the plagued Republican Party.
    I am not kidding about this – even moderates were not tolerated on ABC during his reign.
    I am a moderate and hate hearing nothing but the beat of one drum on any station.
    Good riddance to bad trash, I say.
    Our gain is your loss.

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