Election 08-The Finale

This history making, never before seen presidential election is finally upon us, and the contest that has completely captivated the masses and sent interest and participation in the political process through the roof, will of course continue to receive incredible coverage. Interest in talkradio has also reached unprecedented heights. Here’s a look at some of the radio election coverage courtesy of Al Petersen’s NTS Aircheck:

At ABC News Radio‘ network coverage begins at 7pm (ET) and goes until a presidential winner is declared. Correspondents Steven Portnoy and Richard Davies will anchor from ABC News’ “Decision Desk” with Ann Compton and Alex Stone in Chicago and Vic Ratner and Jim Ryan in Phoenix. ABCNews.com will roll out a number of new and updated interactive features and also offers affiliate websites a live stream featuring Aaron Katersky and Cheri Preston anchoring from the network’s Times Square studios.

• Meanwhile, CBS Radio News will offer a full menu of products and reports for stations? airwaves and websites including long form coverage from 7pm ’til at least 1am (ET), along with special reports and updates throughout the night and continuing through Wednesday morning. Affiliate web producers can link to CBSNews.com to get an automatically updating widget to display the latest in campaign news directly on the station’s own website.

• Atlanta-based CNNRadio will produce continuous coverage for radio and also stream live on CNN.com. Election Night in America will be anchored by Lisa Desjardins and Kyra Phillips from Atlanta, beginning at 7p (ET) and goes until at least midnight, depending on results at that hour. CNNRadio is also offering stations an embedded widget that provides one-click news updates state-by-state.

• Election night coverage at FOX News Radio begins at 7pm (ET) and will be anchored by correspondent Mike Majchrowitz along with Jeff Birnbaum of the Washington Times. Reporter Rich Johnson will be live in Phoenix from McCain campaign headquarters and Todd Starnes will report live from Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago.

• To get a less traditional angle on the evening’s events, Premiere Radio Networks host George Noory will welcome special guests to a special election night edition of Coast To Coast including Nostradamus expert John Hogue, prophecy scholar Gerald Celente and others.  Noory will also be hooking up with local news reporters in key battleground states for reports throughout the night.

• Dallas-based Salem Radio Network will offer six hours of election night coverage beginning at 6pm (ET). SRN host Hugh Hewitt will host the night’s events joined by fellow SRN host Michael Medved, Politico.com’s Mike Allen, syndicated columnist Mark Steyn, California Congressman John Campbell and Minneapolis Star-Tribune blogger James Lileks. SRN News will also provide affiliates with twice-hourly updates.

• At Progressive Talk network Air America Radio, on-air election night coverage will originate from the Obama Campaign’s election event in Chicago beginning at 7pm (ET). Hosts Ron Reagan and David Bender will anchor from Grant Park in the Windy City, joined by Rachel Maddow, Thom Hartmann, and Lionel from locations across the country. Web site editor-in-chief Beau Friedlander will be blogging live all night at www.airamerica.com.

• Syndicated talker Bill Press will anchor election night coverage from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi‘s hometown in a partnership with Clear Channel progressive outlet KKGN(Green 960)/San Francisco. Press will be broadcasting live from a sold-out event at Bay Area nightclub Yoshi’s. The show will also air on CC SoCal sister progressive talker KTLK/Los Angeles.

• Satellite radio listeners will get full election night coverage from 14 channels on Sirius XM Radio offering live programming. Participating channels include XM’s Oprah & Friends, P.O.T.U.S. ’08 and The Power, along with Sirius’ The Foxxhole, Sirius Left, Sirius Patriot, Indie Talk, OutQ, and The Catholic Channel. Sirius news channels programmed by CNN, CNN En Espanol, FOX News and NPR will also provide coverage to the satcasters’ subscribers.• For U.S. Cellular customers the Associated Press Mobile News Network has launched two new mobile web sites for news and election coverage. AP’s “Elections ’08” is available exclusively to U.S. Cellular customers and is the latest addition to AP’s presidential election night coverage, something the cooperative has provided every four years since Zachary Taylor was elected as president in 1848.

Also Syndication One News/Talk Network will host election night coverage from Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, hosted by Al Sharpton and Warren Ballentine.

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