Chrysler’s Mobile Move

Chrysler has just announced that it will become the first automaker to offer in-car Internet capability on August 25, and with in-car Internet also comes, in-car Internet radio. Called Uconnect Web, it will be sold and installed through Chrysler dealers. Consumers can order new cars with the device or they can bring their car in to the dealer to have it outfitted with the $499 hot spot. The unit delivers download speeds from 400kbps to 800kbps with upload speeds averaging 400kbps and the Wi-Fi service operates within 100 feet of the car. Now although this news is a little tangential to the primary subject of this blog, it has tremendous impact on what we know as syndicated radio and content delivery by terrestrial transmitters. In fact, this announcement makes Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey’s claim during an investor conference call this week that; “As a out-of-home medium, radio is relatively insulated”, more puzzling than when I first heard it. If radio is indeed insulated then things just got a liitle more chilly. **UPDATE** Inside Radio founder and broadcast visionary Jerry Del Colliano has some great advice for terrestrial radio in the wake of this news, to check his blog post on the subject Click Here.

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