A New "Apple" In Town

Not since Doubleday’s WAPP-FM in the 80’s, has a New York radio station called itself “The Apple”…until today. Salem owned WWDJ-AM officially became WNYM and took on “The Apple” moniker. After some obvious stunting as an “All Sinatra All The Time” station, it is now home to Salem Radio Network talkers Mike Gallagher, Bill Bennett, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt, as well as Take On The Day’s Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Westwood One’s Jim Bohannon. The Wall Street Journal This Morning, anchored by Gordon Deal, airs 5-6am. PD Peter Thiele says the station, which will be positioned as the “Talk of New York”, was created because New York listeners, “deserve another choice for entertaining, intelligent conversation.”To which I say…Amen.

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