– – – – – Anniversary Rush!

As much as it pains me to call attention to this, in the spirit of fairness and bi-partisanship we can’t go on without recognizing the 20th broadcast anniversary of the Rush Limbaugh Show. Like it or not, Rush is still the undisputed king of Talk radio with his Premiere Radio Networks syndicated show airing on over 600 radio stations reaching an estimated 20 million listeners a week. As one would expect, Bushes 41 and 43 were among the listeners calling in to congratulate Limbaugh on his milestone anniversary on today’s show. Putting aside for a moment the vitriol, hate and racism that spews forth from the mouth of “El Rushbo”on most days, you have to admit that he has a command of the art of personality radio that very few can claim. And that in a way is what is sad about the state of so-called conservative talk radio. There are far too many less talented Rush imitators who ape and mimic Limbaugh and his views even if they don’t really believe them, just to be seen as his allies, “in the Rush camp”. The end result is the proliferation of the viciousness and lack of civility without any real discussion of the issues that has become all to common in talk radio… from the right and from the left.

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