Portland’s PK "Moves" to 107.5

There is some poetic justice in the fact that Superadio syndicated Morning show “PK’s Playhouse” is “Movin” down the dial to CBS Radio’s KVMX. Rose City Radio’s KXJM Jammin 95.5 Portland, flipped from Rhythmic to Sports on May 12. But over the weekend, CBS Radio obtained the intellectual property of Jammin, and relaunched MOViN 107.5 as “Jammin’ 107.5, Hits & Hip Hop”. The Playhouse was the anchor show for the station and the one Jammin 95.5 program to “move” to Jammin’ 107.5. PK has one of the underrated morning shows, famous for it’s edgy gags and cranks and is another talent who knows how to extend the brand. The new Jammin’ gets PH TV and the DVD compilations and Internet presence that the show brings to the table. Hip Hop still lives in the great Northwest and I’m sure the CBS decision was made a little easier by having PK on the loose.

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