Bye Stephen A. Hello SportsBabe

It was just a little sad to listen to Stephen A. Smith‘s final show on ESPN Radio last week. Supposedly he is moving on to “concentrate more on the television side of things”, but that sounds an awful lot like what was said when he exited the show “Quite Frankly” on ESPN 2 to move over and “concentrate on the radio side of things”. It makes you wonder what happened to his rising star, they go through them quickly at ESPN. Although his shtick might have been over the top for some, Smith was a breath of fresh air from the typical sports talk yada yada on the network and 1050 in New York. Loud and a little brash, Smith is a basketball insider and was fun to listen to especially when talking basketball. I’m sure he will contend that his depth of knowledge of all sports puts him on par with most other sports talk hosts, and I’d beg to differ, but his lane is basketball and he was appointment listening for me during the season. On the other hand, I was excited to hear of the return of one of the original ESPN radio hosts, Babe Donnellan, “The Fabulous Sports Babe“. The Babe is back on WHBO Tampa after leaving the business in 2001 to battle breast cancer. I loved the Sports Babe, she like Stephen A., was a reason to listen beyond the scores and was more than a novelty as the first nationally syndicated female sports talk host. Back then I didn’t care about that, she was just good. I listened to her afternoon show from Tampa earlier today and she sounded as good as ever…a little older but just as on it and just as much fun.

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