April 4th 1968

Today I listened to a lot of the celebrations, discussions, memorials, marches, talking heads, services and everything else marking the 40th anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Everyone seems to have a take on where the dream has gone, where they were and weren’t on April 4, 1968, whether relations between Blacks and Whites has gotten better or worse, if the discussion on race is meaningful enough or non-existent, where would Dr. King stand today on the fractured state of the US economy, the disappearance of the middle class, poverty, education, crime, parental and personal responsibility, whether he would have remained a preacher or if he would be a politician had he lived. I even heard a debate on just what the dream was as if it were hard to figure. If you go back to the speech on the plaza in 1963 he pretty much spells it out. Hillary Clinton was down in Memphis in front of as many cameras as possible, John McCain was apologizing for not voting for the King holiday 20 years ago and Barack Obama is listening to criticism for not being in Memphis even though he is just going about the business of being the personification of the dream. But as I watch CNN and some more talking heads pontificate, I think that Dr. King would be a little dismayed at all the talk. If he were alive today I’d hope he would say, “Enough already… just love one another”.

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