Shultz Hits the Big Apple

Jones Radio Network’s progressive talker Ed Schultz and his legion of “Ed Heads” debuted today on Access .1 WWRL New York. Ironically the talent Schultz replaces on the Air America flagship is Thom Hartmann, who was a part of the big Ed Shultz vs. Air America controversy last year. The flap, in which Air America hosts ridiculed Shultz’s social conservative views and his North Dakota location, caused a verbal back and forth between Shultz and the network for months. It looks like Shultz is having the last laugh though, he is currently #9 on the Talkers magazine list of Top Radio Audiences, cuming about 3 million listeners weekly. That’s about twice the audience of Air America, (Randi Rhodes, Thom Hartmann and Alan Colmes) and will only increase with the New York addition.

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