The Long Tail of Westwood One

Tom Taylor of Radio Info has done his usual great job of breaking down Westwood One’s 1st quarterly analysts conference call with new CEO Tom Beusse at the helm. In explaining the reasons for an over 6% drop in revenues from the network side of the company, Bussee talked about the lack of reinvestment in programming and infrastructure and drops in inventory and audience along with an admitted misstep of reducing the sales force. He also mentioned the need for the company to do a better job of redistributing their brand names (NBC, CBS, CNN, The Olympics etc.) over new platforms. For more click here. But the most interesting thing to me was Beusse’s acknowledgement of the company’s tremendous back catalogue of content and Westwood’s new emphasis on monetizing those assets. The stuff they have in the can (concerts etc.) dates back to the early 20th century, and recognizing that there is a Long Tail market (products that are in low demand or have low sales volume can collectively make up a market share that rivals or exceeds the relatively few current high volume sellers) that can be exploited speaks volumes about where Beusse is headed.

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