Jones joins Jack, Sam, Bob and Alice

On the heels of Dial Global announcing it’s pickup of the Jack format, (see syndication news) Jones Media America has announced that sister Jones Radio Network, is launching “Jones Variety Hits” on March 1st. That puts them squarely in competition with the Jack, Bob and Sam formats. Jones’ version will target 35-44 year olds and lean heavily on artists like Elton John, Matchbox 20, Fleetwood Mac, Alanis Morisette, John Mayer and Prince. This becomes the 12th full service format available from Jones which includes research, imaging and production. According to Jones, what sets them apart will be the stations ability to develop local segments within the format that are interchangeable with the satellite delivered segments, allowing the stations to create a distinct local brand. Of course all of this is designed to provide a home for more commercial inventory (spots) for national advertisers in a format where Jones needed to compete.

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