Feast Your Eyes on Rick and Bubba

This is taking the whole “see the show done live” thing to another level. SSI’s Rick and Bubba Show is now broadcasting from “The Rick and Bubba Broadcast Plaza and Teleport” (o.k it is 2008 you know…). The set-up is an interactive facility with a “Today Show” like set with an outdoor plaza, in-studio theater seating, a live performance stage and multiple video monitors. The complex, located in suburban Birmingham, let’s you see the stars in a fishbowl like studio that can be viewed from the street. Apparently these guys are doing quite well, this almost sounds as nice as Stern’s Sirius studios. If you ever happen to be anywhere near Vestavia Hills Alabama and want to take a peek at two fat guys doing a show, their words not mine, here’s directions on how to get there. click here

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