Imus Doubles Affiliates

Inside Radio is reporting that just a few months after it’s return “Imus in the Morning” is now heard on 31 stations, up from the initial 12 affiliates. Honestly I’m a little surprised, this is very under the radar. I don’t hear much talk or feel any buzz about the show. I know the street level studio that Imus broadcasts from in Manhattan and there’s never, ever more than one person looking in ala “The Today Show”. I’m sure the bulk of the new stations are smaller sticks in mid to small markets. Citadel doesn’t play the “We just picked up WXXX!” game in the trade magazines so it’s a little harder to keep up. Keep a close watch on this Imus thing, he may be more influential than we give him credit for. He is a huge John McCain supporter and McCain’s campaign is steamrolling right now. Is there any connection here?

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