Baisden On In Miami

Now comes word that ABC’s Michael Baisden has replaced Ken James at Cox WQHT in Miami. The announcement came after Baisden’s appearance at the I Rock The Mic conference in Miami, (which by the way is where his syndicated show originates) a few weeks ago. Baisden’s spiel throughout the weekend was about how radio has abdicated it’s role in developing local personalities paving the way for national talent like himself and he sounded almost apologetic about the number of jobs that he has taken over the past few years. Baisden is absolutely right in his position on radio’s lack of talent development and I was in fact impressed by his candor and compassion for the local jobs that are being lost. But now a little less that 2 weeks later another local talent losses his job to Mike, in Miami no less. I just can’t help but wonder if all of the talk at the conference was done with the knowledge of what was to come…things that make you go hmmm.

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