The Greaseman…OUT

One of Don Imus’ contemporaries, Doug “The GreasemanTracht will do his last show on Friday morning. Tracht has been syndicating from flagship WMET, Washington, DC. buying brokered time on the station. A far cry from his salad days when he was making over a million dollars a year and Infinity was syndicating him nationwide. In February 1999 ” The Greaseman“had his career crash when he commented about a song by Lauryn Hill by saying “no wonder they drag them behind trucks,” a reference to the brutal murder of James Byrd by two white supremacists who killed the black man by dragging him behind a pickup. Greaseman used to be one of the big boys, It’s funny how during the whole Imus thing I didn’t hear one reference to Grease and his situation. It took The Greaseman forever to find a job and then he was reduced to paying to stay on the air. In the meantime Imus signs a multi million dollar deal with Citadel to do mornings on WABC months after the Rutgers incident. The Greaseman is a pretty intelligent and savy communicator so it’s not a difference in talent. Was it a difference in the severity of the comments? Is Imus more locked into the Washington elite? If you don’t know the back story on Grease check it out and let me know what you think.

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