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  1. I am interested in speaking with someone in regards to radio syndication. I been a music producer for 15 years now in a genre of music that continuously keeps growing year after year and up til this date no radio has played this type of music and I would love to show yoh how strong the market is for this type of music. Year after year I attend many shows and record many artist. I’ve produced for the biggest main stream artists of this genre type of music, I know many musicians and great music for the show. If allow 2 hours per week would be great to start off.
    Please contact Glen Pantoja
    Phone # (949)241-0962

  2. I am interested in talking with someone regarding radio syndication. My show, The Other Side of Sports is a 2min, M-F program featuring 6x Emmy Award winner, Hope Hines. Presently on in 16 mkts in Tn & AL. Samples can be heard on website,
    2 min includes 30 sec commercial, Pls contact Stennis Smith
    615-473-6845 or email,
    This is good stuff. We have 750 in can.
    Thank you
    Stennis Smith

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