Michael Baisden Show Exits Motown

Radio Facts is reporting that for the second time in a little over a month Citadel Media’s afternoon syndicated radio talent Michael Baisden is being dropped in a major market for local talent. Clear Channel Urban AC WMXD will replace Baisden with local host Frankie Darcell moving back into the afternoon shift. In Los Angeles KDAY cancelled the Michael Baisden show in an effort to i use it regain control of cialis iop the station for local personalities. I’m not sure if this is part of a growing movement away from syndicated talent, it’s more likely a move to cut down the amount of talk on the http://sacredcommerce.com/best-discount-cialis music station- Darcell’s “Talk of the Town” midday show features a ton of it, as does Baisden’s- as well as a nod to the longevity and buy generic crestor popularity of 25 year market vet Darcell. Add to that Clear Channel’s desire to reclaim commercial inventory in afternoon drive and it becomes an easy decision to make. The question that’s now being asked is just how does this affect Citadel’s plans for the future of the Michael Baisden show?


  1. Bring Mike back (PLEASE)

  2. Bring the Michael Bassel LOL (BAISDEN) radio show back to Detroit radio. We always loose the good one!

  3. I would like to have Michael Baisden back. Skip is ok, but I miss the topics and Skip’s music leave a lot to be desired!! Also miss the challenges

  4. Elaine is correct. This is an older post. All Michael Baisden comments should be redirected to http://radiosyndicationtalk.com/2013/03/20/cumulus-ending-michael-baisden-syndication/

  5. Wow! Some of the comments left on this site are incorrect. First of all, in Detroit Frankie Darcell airs on station 92.3, whereas Michael Baisden aired on a totally different station which was 105.9. Skip Murphy is now airing in Michael Baisdens slot not Frankie Darcell.

  6. The Michael Baisden show should be put back on. I will defintely not listen to WHUR 96.3 in the afternoon commute and I believe I am going to start turning Steve Harvey off and just not listen to 96.3 at work at all. I THINK THAT ALL OF MICHAELS AND GEORGE FANS SHOULD BANN THE RADIO STATIONS THAT TOOK THEM OFF. MICHEAL DID A LOT AND THE WHITE FOLKS ARE MAD THAT BARRACK IT BACK IN. GET OVER IT

  7. What is happening with the Michael Baisden show? I am listening from Baltimore, when I couldn’t find him on 95.9 I went to 96.3 and nothing.I can’t believe you idiot’s took him off. I don’t know whose had the idea to replace Michael with this other idiot but please we all want MICHAEL BAISDEN BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. MB show is www.greenas.lt the connection voice to network with our brothers and sisters . Please do not take the family away . Together we stand and divided we fall.
    We will stand together on this one and fight back.


  10. This is tragic to say the least. We have to how to get cialis no prescription find a way to bring M. Baisden back on buy now online propecia the radio, in all the states that he was in before. Where are the cheepest cialis big rap stars, the big movie stars, and the other stations who can give Mr. Baisden a spot in their station. Mr. Baisden’s voice is much to important to the African American Community, to have scilenced.

  11. Im from Cuba and I love Michael and gerge Bring them back please

  12. I don’t understand this where I’m from the station for Micheal Baisden 101.1 FM. Well I got in my car after work and its automatically set on this station so I get in the car and cialis online uk I hear Hard Rock, so I kept it their maybe thinking that Michael station was just mixing up some rock. Well its been rock and I’m mad because I don’t like the other station Kiss 102.9 because it plays the same ole music. Not Happy. Can anyone tell me what happen I know that Steve Harvey and his crowd talks in the morning and then I read that Steve owe alot of online cialis cheap tax money any connection.

  13. Frankie Darcell is a one sided,loud mouthed BORE! I would consciously not listen to 92.3 until 3:00 because I didn’t want to hear her nonsense. This is UTTERLY ridiculous! Like another post said, all 92.3 is good for now is Saturday night. They either need to drop her or at the VERY least, reduce her time to what it was before-QUICK!

  14. I also miss Michael Baisden and refuse to listen to 92.3 after 10:00am. Please email the Marketing Director of Clear Channel Radio Station to express your dissatisfaction with the change.

  15. I have to agree with all the comments posted. This new change is beyond ridiculous. And you wonder why people are always complaining about Detroit. At least give us give us something fresh and entertaining to listen to on the radio!! MB might have been controversial, but he initiated smart conversation that was relatable to everyone and provided GREAT music. In short, I WON’T be listening to Frankie D. in the afternoon.

  16. I have been trying to figure out what happen to www.aasgravcamping.com Michael Baisden and George Wilborn only to come here and find that they were taken off of the air. In my opinion you have lost a great asset to Mix 92.3. The daily ride home was interesting,helpful, enlightening and funny. Even if you didn’t agree with the views or topic most times it was a subject that you could relate too. Topics on kids, marriage, health, social aspects, etc. Now it’s back to the same old stuff that everyother radio station is playing over and http://www.481.com/buy-online-pharmacy-viagra over again. Leave Frankie Darcell for lunch time and Sunday mornings.

  17. (in every radio I own) so upset i cant type correct.

  18. This really sucks,no more Michael Baisden the where to buy cialis online only reason I listed to mix 92.3 was because of the Michael Baisden show. My comment may not bring him back but I will not listen to mix 92.3 anymore. Im removing mix 92.3 from all my preset stations in every radio own. The show was a really good show and im gonna miss it.

  19. Shocked and disappointed. This is one more blow to Detroit. MB put people’s minds to work, helped Obama get elected, etc. Last thing Detroit needs is to go back to superficial talk radio. Take it back to the substance MB brought.

  20. Now I know why Frankie is on the air in the afternoons. Well I’ll be changing stations to something else.

  21. this is worse than fragga nackie bull bring mike back i am not hating frankie but you don’t push a fellow brother out to get your five minutes of fame i will protest and not listen to her in this time slot if that how she wants to play

  22. Afternoon Radio is so boring now. I miss Michael Baisden…………Please bring him back. I laughed all the way home. He and George are hilarious. What the heck was Clear Channel thinking?

  23. Where is Michael Baisden’s show? I too enjoyed listening during my 1 hour commute. “This is some fragga nackle bull”!

  24. I miss Mike Baisden’s show!!! I was mad all week, because I was wondering why they didn’t put on old shows, if Mike was on vacation. Mike’s show always had me laughing, thinking from a new perspective or commenting aloud in my empty car, on the ride home from work. I liked how the songs played were applicable to conversation. Now… I plug in my ipod. I’m all for giving Detroit personalities a format. ALTHOUGH, replacing Mike Baisden is no easy task, you gotta step it up for Mike’s audience. We expect something fresh, thoughtful and high energy! We need a completely new format in Detroit. I can go on and on viagra mexico but I’m done.

  25. I am tired of hearing Frankie. I don’t mind her on Sunday’s for talk of the town but NOT EVERYDAY!!! I am disappointed that they did not even say that he wasn’t going to be on the air waves here in Detroit. We could’ve used a heads up…..I’m just down right upset and I will not listen to Frankie. FLAT OUT

  26. Bring Mike back.. Frankie is horrible.. WHEN I was listening.. waiting for Mike’s return.. it took everything in me to stay awake.. I can not take her “one sided” conversations.. she is a hater of all haters.. the drive home is now a one way show.. I am no longer a listener.. I agree.. first Wendy Williams and now Mike…I will ride in silence.. before I give Frankie any air time…

  27. i know whats going on in detroit and don’t need frankie to american viagra interpret the time mag. articles–live here, done that. what i need is buy cheap cialis fast free shipping a broader presentation of adult thought from multi urban areas. baisden’s show hit the spot. e-mail me if they bring him back in the same timeslot. i am afraid wmxd-fm has lost another listener.


  29. Michael Baisden should have not been canned. This is a travesty. I will start listening to another station.

  30. I’m not certain what is going on, but MB was the one thing I looked forward to hearing on my ride home from work to pick up the kids. 92.3 this is very bad business, what ever it takes to work this out needs to happen pronto!! No warning, no nothing,,,,,,,,of course I guess the station feels that they owe their listeners no explanations, just their shareholders (of whom would not even be interested, if not for the listeners!!!!). BAD, BAD Business 92,3 DETROIT!!! Until he returns it will be just me and my ipod filled with all the B-Side artist I was exposed to on the Micheal Baisden show!!!!!……….Did you not learn anything from our recent Automotive mishaps………….. Do the right thing!

  31. I actually looked forward to Mike Baisden for my 1 hour dailey commute home only to find Frankie Darcell there. Nothing bad about Frankie, but I stopped listening to 92.3. If they needed to scrap a program maybe “The Sweat Hotel”. 92.3 totally lost a listener in me.

  32. I think that was one of the worst things mix 92.3 could have done was take Michael Baisden off our air waves,not saying its something against Frankie cause its much Detroit love for her,but Michael Basiden brings something new & grown to radio with alot of open minded thoughts.

  33. I have nothing against Frankie Darcell, but Michael Baisden was the best thing for Detroit since Ernie D. Bring him back… Are you crazy! I do not want to hear a religious song every other song. I didn’t agree with Mr. Basiden sexual views, but he was blast of fresh air in a stale radio market. Get him back quick!!! The only thing on AM in Detroit is Rush Limbaugh and 50 mg viagra from canadian pharmacy other ultra-conservative views.

  34. Not the biggest fan of Mike’s opinions about the world, women, men and Al Sharpton.. lol..but I need more diversity in my music and he offered that. Makes you wonder if someone does not want us to hear each other’s views around the country….You know….keep them ignorant especially about political matters.

  35. I was really starting to like the Mike Braisden Show especially since they’ve brought in George Wilborn full time. This is a big Mistake. I don’t have nothing against Frankie, she’s good with Talk of the town show but her show not as good as Mike’s. Bring him back

  36. Well, here we go again. We’ve lost another great on air talent. Frankie only promotes herself & her “friends.” It’s not about us, the listeners, just her and her preaching. Thank the Lord for I Pods and the auxillary cord in my SUV!

  37. I am glad Michael Baisden is gone. All these syndicated shows put local air talent out of work. Baisden didnt offer any solutions just more of how to buy cialis the same ole same old.

    Now I dont care for Frankie Darcell either, I think FM radio is for music. Hopefully they will play more than 15 songs now. They can get rid of Keith Sweat also

  38. I am also not happy with this decision. His show is great.. Though one may not like all of his views, he gets you to viagra tablet thinking about yours. If you have one you can stand your ground or be open to other sides that is what makes one grow and become a better human being. One needs to interact with more than the TV and more than their circle of friends. Come on Detroit times are a changing Embrace and let go you need to grow.

    You should bring them back
    TALKing ……..LISTENing…….

    Music is the interlude that helps with the transition, the icing on the cake, the champange toast the kiss good night

  39. I do not listen to Frankie Darcell. I want Mike back. The only 92.3 is good for now is oldie but goodies on Saturday. This is a bad decision .


  41. Something must have happen, for a whole week I have been searching for Michael Baisden and all I heard was Frankie Darcell. So, I started listening to 105.9 just to listen to something. There was no warning that Mr. Baisden would be taken off the air, it is like the station owner is forcing the cheap levitra public to listen to what he/she wants you to tune into. Now, it “SUCKS”, “DULL” and no “LIFE”. At least Mr. Baisden kept the audience hyped, “BRING HIM BACK”. Mr. Baisden and George Wilburn were the life of everyone and fun to listen. You never knew what you would get from day to day, you can tell the two gelled, planned and were prepare to reach their audiences. And, they always allowed the audience to interact with them, listeners and express themselves to be a part of the show. “I BET YOU I AM ONE OF MANY MICHAEL BAISDEN’S LISTENERS WHO FEELS THE SAME WAY I DO”, he was a hit.

  42. Put AL SHARPTON show on!!!

  43. I don’t care too much for Michael Baisden or Frankie Darcell. Both of them talk too much. Mike was always pressing his views, his opinion isn’t always right. Talk radio should be played in the morning and music in the afternoon drive. I don’t need him to talk to where to order viagra online my kids or give me his view on what he thinks is right. He maybe a good activist but his TV show and radio show is whack. Glad he’s gone but Frankie ain’t no better.

  44. I was mad when I heard Frankie Darcell. I will not listen to her show. At least with Michael Baisdon’s show we were able to hear all types of music and laugh with George Wilborn. Detroit is to stuck in its ways and this is why. BRING BACK MICHAEL !!!!!!

  45. I was disappointed! when I turn my radio on at work, to fine this loud mounth Frankie Darcell on. I though she was just standing in for a day or two. Michael give people a change to talk about everyday problem and made you laugh. All Frankie talk about is purchase viagra in canada Detroit bad news not any good.your dirty official and Detroit problem and play the same song over and over again.When I want to be fell depressed I watch or listen to the News. She is selfish, only plays what and who she like. I will listen to any other station then this one.

  46. Talk radio adds diversity. Our community needs more that just music all of the time. Especially when it’s programmed to play the same thing over and over again. Michael Baisden brought that diversity to our city. I will not be listening until he return. I hope another area station pick his show up.

  47. First they let Wendy Williams go now Michael Baisden. I guess they want to keep the radio Detroitish with no versatility. I am very disappointed, I guess I’ll put my gospel CD in on my ride home from work.

  48. I wondered what happened to Michael Baisden. I will not listen to Frankie Darcell. I miss my daily dose of George Wilborn. I guess I’ll be back to listening to talk radio on AM.

  49. I want Michael Baisden back. I will not listen to Frankie. I have reordered my satellite radio and propecia for women hair loss will listen to that for my afternoon drive. They could have let us know what was going on. Instead I turn on www.asian-oasis.com my radio and hear Frankie Darcell.

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